Wine and Dine


The cuisine of Montenegro was formed  under the influence of many people, the culinary traditions of the Slavs, Hungarians, Germans and Turks.

Montenegrin cuisine is conditionally divided by geographical criterion. In coastal regions, Mediterranean cuisine prevails with a large number of fish and seafood, cheese and natural, fresh vegetables. In the mountainous regions, tourists and guests are treated with meat and dairy dishes.

Vranac is a visiting card of Montenegro, the wine with a pronounced tart flavor. It is produced throughout the state, so several dozen varieties are presented in the assortment. National white wines are served with fish and vegetables, the most popular are Krstach and Sauvignon. If you want to try something stronger, order grape brandy – Kruna.

Visiting Montenegro, you will understand that this is an incredibly picturesque country with a rich culinary heritage, seasoned with the hospitality of its inhabitants .