Lipovac winery – traces of wine and antiquity

Lipovac Winery is the largest private winery in Montenegro which has the most contemporary equipment for wine production.

Lipovac wines are exclusive due to the fact that , in addition to the traditional wine making techniques and maturation in inox and French oaks, winemakers use amphorae and kvevri. Amphora wine tradition, brought to perfection by the ancient Greeks and Romans, just like a time machine, makes it possible to travel back in time, and enjoy drinks of our ancestors. Our wine tour program includes visit to the vineyards and the factory where the wines are bottled, visit to the cellar where there are Italian amphorae made of Tera Cotta material. Throughout the tour, the guide explains the process of wine production from the cultivation, grape harvesting, grape processing and wine bottling. After visiting the winery, guests are taken to the hall where they can taste 4-7 different wines of top quality with a meze (prosciutto, cheese, olives) or lunch.

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